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What it means to be a Fellow in Charitable Estate Planning


By attending the Institute, you will be recognized as a Fellow in Charitable Estate Planning (FCEP). Holding the FCEP credential means that you understand that people make important planned gifts only within the larger context of their values and objectives applied to their financial, tax, and estate plans. Earning the FCEP designation means that you have taken a major step by applying this larger context and utilizing planned gifts to accomplish broader charitable and noncharitable goals. You will gain a full appreciation for charitable estate planning and how it will lead your donors or clients to larger charitable gifts and greater personal satisfaction.


Earning the FCEP credential means that you have also made a commitment to a nationally recognized standard of ethics, and to maintaining and updating your knowledge by attending the Institute and renewing the credential every three years. The requirement is at least 18 hours of classroom attendance to earn or renew the Institute’s FCEP credential.  

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